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Build modules using the Appspotr Platform and publish to the Appspotr Marketplace with the click of a button. Either make your module private, so that only you may use it in your company's apps, or make it public to allow the rest of the Appspotr community to benefit from your work.

As a developer, you can make money on a monthly basis from your Appspotr modules. And the bigger we get, the bigger your cash flow will be.

So, join the Appspotr family today, and together we'll realize our vision to be the most used and celebrated app platform ever.

The Appspotr Platform

React Native

Rapidly develop new modules using the tools that you know and love. The core of the Appspotr SDK is based on the React Native framework, the industry leader for mobile development.

Available now

Data Sets

Create data sources for use in the modules you create. Define schemas, build queries and connect external sources. Having a good data model is paramount as a building block to build your code around.


Cloud Code

Data only gets you so far. To create anything substantial you need to be able to act on it. With Cloud Code you can securely process data, or build your own custom backend, all on the Appspotr Platform.


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We're currently only accepting a limited amount of developer to make sure everything scales in all the correct dimensions and to iron out any bugs that may be sneaking around. Apply for access by filling out the form below and we'll let you know when you're good to go.

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